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Geometric Mean Calculator online tool is developed to compute the statistical data if all of the quantities had exactly the same value, what can that value need to be to have exactly the same product? The geometric mean is a form of average or mean, which strongly related to group of amounts multiply together to make a product

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Geometric Mean Formula

The below mentioned formula can get the Geometric mean of {a1, a2....., an}

Geometric Mean Formula

For instance, to get the geometric mean of 9, 27 and 66; Step one would be to multiplying the provided numbers 9 x 27 x 66 can produce the outcome 16038. If you take cube root of the outcome 16038 provides the resulting Geometric Mean 25.2184. Cubic Root will be taken as a result of using 3 numbers, if making use of two numbers; we'd to consider the square root of resulting product. When the group of numbers increases even the power of root will increase