Algebra Calculator With Steps

The moment you enter any algebraic equation into the calculator box and hit the submit button, the calculator will automatically start simplifying the given equation. This tool is known as Algebra calculator with steps, because it expands your equation and gives you step by step results.

When you are trying to complete your algebra homework and if you are not sure of the result, then you can try out this calculator to cross check your results. You can start by entering your problems one by one in to the calculator and get the accurate answer instantly.

Algebra Calculator Step by Step


= 43 * 42

= (4*4*4) * (4*4)

= 4*4*4*4*4

= 45

= 1024

Step by Step Example


= 64(42)

= (64)(16)

= 1024


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Basic Algebra Problems

Algebra is one of the most important part of Mathematics. Substituting letters or symbols for unknown numbers, and using equations (statements that two things are equal) is called algebra. Algebraic equations involve variables (numbers that can change their values) and constants (those that remain the same).

For sure you have played a puzzle game and just like that algebra is a puzzle.
For example: "x-4=6" and the result you will get is "x=10".

Let us see how we get the above result in a step by step approach.

Basic principles of working out this simple equation are,

1. Understand what to remove to get the result "x=..."
2. Addition the opposite of Subtraction, hence do the opposite to remove the number.
3. You need to do this for both the sides.

Basic Algebra Problems